I have been working in the Orthotic & Prosthetic industry for the past 8years. I have undergone a few short term training in CAD & CAM that includes one at Rodin 4D. I had earlier published a CAD CAM book for undergraduates and post graduate students of prosthetics & orthotics. To my knowledge I have trained myself in the basics of CAD and CAM apart from managing a renowned clinic in the eastern Part of India. I have professional friends from all over the world because I have been maintaining a facebook group for professionals related to prosthetics and orthotics with more than 5000 members around the world. The requirement of Rodin4D matches with me the best, since, I am related to CAD CAM, second, I have good contacts of professionals from different countries, third, I have been trainer for a few fellow professionals in India in CAD CAM and other orthotic related topics, last but not least, I will be happy to deliver the objectives that Rodin4D aims for, English is not an issue with me.

I will be more than happy to leave everything behind to join the team of Rodin4D.


Looking forward,


Suman Kumar Panda, India

Mobile: +919437856918